Thursday, October 20, 2011

Text2Reply by Loma Vista Software

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 12:27 AM PDT

Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 Text2Reply by Loma Vista Software

Text2Reply is the quickest and fastest way to break down those long, confusing and question loaded Emails.
By processing any copied text from an E-mail, the application can decipher questions, events, links
and even contacts. Allowing you to reply to only the questions you choose and auto-creating the reply Email

Also, after the application processes your text, you will then have the ability to quickly add any contacts
to your phone, schedule events in your calendar or launch web links that were contained in the text.

Developer Website:

 Text2Reply by Loma Vista Software  Text2Reply by Loma Vista Software

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HealthTrace by Xivuh Ltd

Posted: 19 Oct 2011 10:25 AM PDT

Dwnld iTunes bdg V wht88x48 HealthTrace by Xivuh Ltd

HealthTrace the health tracker, manager and diary.

You can record and customise:

✔ Symptoms
✔ Measurements (temperature, weight etc.)
✔ Medication use
✔ Many other medical events.

It's easy to use and logging an event takes seconds.

Data is only ever stored on your phone. Names are encrypted to ensure privacy and you can PIN protect access to the application.

As data is only stored on your phone backup is important. You can backup and restore to/from your DropBox account or via iTunes file sharing.

At any time you can create custom reports and send them via email as PDF docs.

If you want to share information you can selectively send events to twitter. Just choose the types of event to tweet for each family member. We recommend setting up a private twitter account for this purpose and only share with others on a need to know basis.

Developer Website:

17592 Screenshot 2011.08.05 14.41.09 125x125 HealthTrace by Xivuh Ltd 17592 Screenshot 2011.08.05 14.41.22 125x125 HealthTrace by Xivuh Ltd

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