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SkinVaders by Total Immersion

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 04:54 PM PDT

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SkinVaders play is right on your face – literally! Attack the aliens before they attack you.

SkinVaders is the first game to use Augmented Reality to physically bring you—specifically your face- into a game.

As the first alien enters your brain, he seems to be hiding from something. Is he a friend or a foe? No time to think! The SkinVaders are dropping eggs on your face. Quickly! Destroy them before they hatch. Who knows what the baby SkinVaders are capable of doing? Perhaps the SkinVader hiding in your brain has answers. He just might help you win!


- Fight off the SkinVaders as your face becomes the battleground.
- Stunning Augmented Reality face-tracking lets you play a game like no other.
- Surprise! Your pictures are taken as you play through the game. This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "game-face!"
- Share your goofiest pictures with your friends through Facebook, email or text.
- And, when you get tired of your own face use the back camera to SkinVade your
- Tap tap tap the alien, pop pop pop the eggs! Fast action arcade gameplay
- With 9 levels and a variety of SkinVaders, this battle for control won't end quickly. But the stakes are high and you can't turn back.

Developed and published by Total Immersion
Co-produced by Clic & Gain

Developer Website:

17617 SkinVaders art title 125x125 SkinVaders by Total Immersion 17617 SkinVaders screen eggs3 125x125 SkinVaders by Total Immersion

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