Saturday, November 12, 2011

Zack Splat by duckcube

Posted: 11 Nov 2011 07:04 PM PST

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Apprentice magician Zack animated some creatures to help out around the tower, and found himself in an iPhone/iPad game on the App Store.

Zack's creatures splat anything they hit, including themselves. Luckily, they're polite little suckers, and they always wait for Zack before they move. Zack can use his feet and the little magic he knows (or thinks he knows) to get away from them. Swipe, tap and twirl to get him moving. Shake, rattle and roll are totally optional.

Starting with just robots, each level adds more creatures, with 3 more kinds of creatures introduced in later levels. Skillfully get creatures to run into each other. Zack Splat has infinite levels – if you're good enough.

Developer Website:

17695 ZS Screenshot  Main Menu 125x125 Zack Splat by duckcube 17695 ZS Screenshot Play2 125x125 Zack Splat by duckcube

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