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Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player

Posted: 13 Dec 2011 07:03 AM PST

image Samsung Galaxy 5.0 Android MP3 Player 

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Surf the Internet, take photos, play games, and carry your music, videos, and other media wherever you go with the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0. Powered by Android 2.3.5, the player features a 1 GHz processor, a beautiful 5-inch touchscreen, and front- and rear-facing cameras. It also gives you access to over 250,000 apps including games, productivity software, and more.

Customer Review

Very surprising device, By Biel85

I've owned several mp3 players and tablets from microsoft, apple, sony, etc, but none of them attended most of my expectations.
When I bought my Samsung Galaxy Player I also bought an iPod touch to compare both at the same time.

The Galaxy Player was faster at web browsing, navigating throughout the device in general, etc.

Even the ear-buds that come with it are good quality. Better than Apple's. Deep bass and nice distribution on the trebles and mediums. I had just bought a Klipsch s4i which is a really wonderful pair of ear-buds, but not needed after I tested this samsung one.

The screen quality of the iPod touch is still superior due to the 960x640 pixel resolution, but the bigger size (5 inches) of the galaxy's screen makes it way more comfortable to your eyes (the quality is still really impressive though).

The galaxy's internal stereo speakers are not like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inches' which are wonderful, but they beat the iPod's " mono speaker" without a doubt.

The iPod has an upper class quality microphone to record voice memos and videos. The galaxy's one is not the best, but they still pick up instruments' sounds pretty well. If you want to record a concert with your galaxy player, you can do that with this 5 inches one.

The notification bar in the iPod touch with the new iOS 5 is pretty much not useful. It works better with an iPhone, but the galaxy player's notification bar works well just as if you had a mobile phone.

The super advantages of the galaxy player over the iPod is: - it has a microSD card slot (which you can expand up to 32GB). You can have all your videos, movies, music, and pictures in different microSD cards if you choose to. It is really easy to install in the device. - it has GPS built-in. It works really well with pre-loaded maps. - it has FM-Radio which works really well.

The touch screen of the galaxy is very responsible.

I could find all apps I had in my iPod in the android market and they all work fine. For example, Netflix, Skype, Pandora radio, YouTube, Facebook, Kindle (the screen is big enough to read books), B&N Nook, MySpace, UsaToday. etc.

The Netflix image quality on the iPod is superior, but not very noticeable. The galaxy's quality is still very good.

The 3.2 MP rear camera on the galaxy player is way superior than the iPod's one. Pictures (with flash and videos are really good.

The front facing camera on the galaxy is superior as well, but if you want to record with it, you have to download an app that will allow you to and the quality is not the best. The iPod's front facing camera records just as good as its rear camera.

The battery life in the galaxy is superior to the iPod's one (that is my personal experience). Some people are just lucky with batteries.

The only big disadvantage that galaxy player has compared to the iPod is the lack of a software to sync your files like the iTunes for apple products. I had all my music sorted by genre in playlists on my iTunes that I could just sync with my iPod. I don't have that with my galaxy player yet, but that's not the end of the world. You can easily search for the song, album, or artist you want with the search option in the galaxy music player. Samsung will probably come up with one pretty soon.

Well, that is a pretty long review, but I just decided to write everything that I tried to find, and I couldn't, when I wanted to know which music player would be the best for me.

Just to sum up what I'm saying in this review:

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0
- Fast web browsing and navigation
- Good quality ear-buds
- Excellent screen size and good quality of image
- Good internal stereo speakers
- Ok microphone to record, but excellent for video chatting
- Useful notification bar (e-mail, updates, facebook, etc)
- MicroSD card slot, GPS, FM-radio
- Diverse and still expanding android market (app store)
- Good video streaming function (Netflix)
- Good quality rear camera with flash
- Good battery life
- No versatile sync software like the iTunes from Apple "yet".

I took my iPod back and stayed with my Galaxy Player very happy so far.

I hope this review was useful to you!

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