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Defense Zone by Artem Kotov

Posted: 19 Jan 2012 09:32 PM PST

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Defense Zone is a tower defense game for iOS. This game advantageously differs from others of the same kind by its crafted interface, finely tuned balance, sensible OpenFeint support and eye-catching graphics.

The important feature of the game is an algorithm of appearance of units and corresponding waves. Waves are automatically generated, each following the preceding complex, since everything is balanced: distance between units, their total health, which makes the game interesting to play both on easy and hard levels.

In contrast to many games Defense Zone does not allow one super-weapon, only an artful combination of all of them can play that role.

Defense Zone supports OpenFeint that simplifies posting all level results in a consolidated database for further comparing with other players whatever level they play. Points are given not only for the number of dead units, but also for remaining lives after the passage of the level, for killing stronger units and for the time spent on the whole.

There is both a free lite version and a paid full version of the game.

Developer Website:

 Defense Zone by Artem Kotov  Defense Zone by Artem Kotov

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