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Buildo Museum Sticker Book by JAJDO AB

Posted: 11 Feb 2012 06:55 AM PST

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We would like to ask you to review «Buildo Museum Sticker Book».

Watch your kids develop their story-telling abilities by creating their own stories in a true cultural environment haunted by spooky characters! A full-color educational sticker book app for kids aged 1-9.

The Buildo story continues! The Buildo Museum app is JAJDO's attempt to turn your kids into cultural monsters. Watch 'em play around and create their own stories with more than 100 stickers in the Buildo Museum sticker book! It's easy, playful and educational!

Please let me know if you are interested and I will send the press kit and promo code(s)
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Developer Website:

18121 mzl.erspksyx.320x480 75 125x125 Buildo Museum Sticker Book by JAJDO AB 18121 mzl.yanbnmyq.320x480 75 125x125 Buildo Museum Sticker Book by JAJDO AB

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Oink vs Moo by Aditi Shah

Posted: 10 Feb 2012 11:47 PM PST

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Game Name:  ”Oink vs Moo”
Developer Name: Aditi Shah
Game link:
Game Version: 1.0
Price : US$ 0.99
YouTube Link:
Promo. Code for your review: LMA4MHKLPAKA

*Let mama Pig drop on a launch pad to launch piglets in targeted direction to rescue hidden Golden Balloons.
*The further you move and then release your finger can generate more flying power and speed.

Unique about “Oink vs Moo”:
*”Oink vs Moo” is incredibly addicting action game where you constantly launch piglets to fly and rescue golden balloons.
*Clearing each level and going to next one has increasing level of difficulty.
*Retina Display Graphics
*The Story : Very catchy game story.
*Graphics and UI is Simple yet Elegant.
*Though it’s a very intense game, it is nonviolent, so whole family and kids can enjoy.
*Each level increase has increase in level of difficulty.

Game Details:
*It can run in both (left and right) landscape mode.
*Automatic save and resume of the current level / scores.
*Very response and easy to play, ease of control and movements.
*Enjoyable game and funny sound effects.  
*Characters are very familiar and lovable. Hence, game is suitable for the whole family.
*Overall great value and must have in your iPod touch / iPhone / iPad.

Game Story:
Mama Pig and Piglets have stolen “Angry Birds” eggs. The reason for this misadventure is to create a launching pad.

Launching pad will help Piglets to fly and escape priceless Golden Balloons.

To satisfy everlasting desire to fly, greedy Cow has stolen Golden Balloons and hidden them. Pig’s are determined to take revenge and rescue their beloved Golden Balloons.

Please let me know if you need further details.

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Developer Website:

 Oink vs Moo by Aditi Shah  Oink vs Moo by Aditi Shah

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