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Samsung galaxy s3 4g 16gb blue BEST PRICE

Posted: 21 Jul 2012 08:45 PM PDT

Samsung galaxy s3 4g 16gb blue BEST PRICE Samsung galaxy s3 4g 16gb blue BEST PRICE

List Price: $699.99

Price From: $139.99 (Price varies based on service type)

You Save: $560.00 (80%)

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Product Description

Optimized for peak performance, the Android-powered Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 4G 16GB from Sprint offers one of the most sophisticated interactive mobile experiences to date. You'll be able to send photos, videos, and information easier and faster than ever while staying in close connection to friends and family members from wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

Good phone for older people July 7, 2012 By Mel Doner

Got my phone, Samsung GT-I9300 galaxy s3, the first day it came out. I upgraded to a smartphone so I was not too sure if I would be able to figure it out but this phone was not too hard. First thing is that it is so light and thin I was afraid of dropping it and was not comfortable holding it until I put a case and screen protector on it, but after I did so it was great. The case added just enough grip to make it easy to hold on to. The on/off button is placed in such a way that if you squeeze it, you end up also squeezing the volume button on the other side, so I ended up pushing it while holding in one hand with the other hand, not always convenient. The big screen is wonderful (I upgraded just for this, as I am older with bad eyesight) and everything is large enough that it can be seen without reading glasses for those of us with poor eyesite. All the most frequently used items are right there when you start and you can customize all your screens if need be. Making and answering calls is extremely easy and the dialing screen has large buttons and easy to access controls. Also the buttons are labeled with what they are, such as end call for those of of who get confused by icons so we don't end up hanging up when trying to push speakerphone. Same for texting. The speaker is clear and loud enough so that if your hearing is starting to go you can still understand people. If you are in the car you can easily bring up the voice assist with just a quick tap and instruct the phone what to do, either make a call or to send a text (in this case you would dictate the message). Appointments and reminders can be made the same way. I love that on the very front it has voice assist search for google, something I use all the time (locating a type of store, reviews of products, etc). Apps are easy to download and very quick. This phone with 4G service is as quick and responsive when accessing the internet as my home computer. I am a news junkie and I am able to see all the websites I would normally visit and easily read them without feeling like I cannot see what I would normally be able to see. The large screen means limited scrolling and easy viewing. I did not try the navigation apps included but downloaded one called Waze which works better than my onstar navigation included in my car. This phone has easy access to WiFi so if you want to conserve your data usage it is easy enough to use that instead. The notification bar is informative but the phone also has a small light that flashes so that when your screen is not on you can see that there is something that needs your attention. Battery usage is okay, I would make sure that you charge it every evening if you are a heavy internet access person. It takes a couple of hours or so to fully charge directly from an outlet, longer if charging from usb port. Taking pictures and video is a snap and the quality is wonderful. There are a lot of other features that I have not had a need for (such as sharing files). Overall I am very pleased with this phone.

Samsung galaxy s3 4g 16gb blue BEST PRICE


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