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GOgroove SonaWAVE Stereo Speaker Deal

Posted: 10 Sep 2012 02:36 AM PDT

GOgroove SonaWAVE Stereo Speaker Deal Deal GOgroove SonaWAVE Stereo Speaker for Smartphones , Tablets , MP3 Players , Laptops , Handheld Game Consoles , Portable DVD Players and More Devices!

List Price: $54.99

Price: $31.99

You Save: $23.00 (42%)

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" While I usually use the AC adapter I do like the fact that the battery recharges. "

Product Description

GOgroove Sonawave³ Stereo Speaker

Singular Design + Powerful Sound
Featuring a unique cube pattern front with blue accents and LEDs, this speaker is an attention-getter. But it does more than just look good - with 2 large, side-firing drivers, the GOgroove Sonawave³ is ideal for providing loud, stereophonic sound. It has a good clean sound. Its universal 3.5 mm port and cable allow you to play from almost any device: tablets, phones, MP3 players, laptops and more!

Travel Ready
Going somewhere? No problem, because the GOgroove Sonawave³ can come too! Sporting a rechargeable Li-ion battery, this speaker can provide 3-5 hours of continuous audio. It charges by USB port or by AC outlet with the included cable and adapter. The compact size makes it easy to carry and store while on-the-go.

Flash Memory Playback
The media ports also turn the GOgroove Sonawave³ into a MP3 player! Play music from USB flash drives or SD cards up to 16GB. The playback controls for Flash memory let you play, pause, and change your MP3 tracks.

Tech Specs
Speakers: 6W RMS - 12W Peak
Audio Input: Standard 3.5mm plug (cable incl.)
Memory Card Playback: Supports up to 16GB SD/SDHC mem. cards & USB flash drives
Battery: Li-ion 3.7v, 600mAh
Dimensions: 5 x 4.25 x 4 in

Product Features

  • Design features unique cube styling with blue accents and back-lit LED glow on the front panel
  • 2 large, side-firing drivers provide room-filling stereophonic sound
  • Portable construction boasts a long- lasting rechargeable battery to provide 3-5 hours of continuous audio playback
  • Play audio from tablets, phones, MP3 players, laptops, handheld gaming consoles, and other devices using a 3.5mm audio connection OR use the MP3 playback controls with SD / SDHC memory cards and USB flash drives
  • Quality Guaranteed - 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty - Notice: Front panel Playback Controls are designed to work with the USB Flash Drive Input and Memory Card Input ONLY. Playback controls will not work with the 3.5mm Aux. Input

Customer Reviews

By Alistor Moody

Beyond the totally awesome look that this speaker has, and the fact that it is portable AND rechargable... this speaker has sooo many impressive features. First off, I was able to play it outside for four hours straight without having to recharge it. I normally just use the 3.5mm cord to play music off my iPod, but I tried playing music off a flashdrive just to see how it worked, and it didn't disappoint. This speaker has great range and is extremely versatile, making it an excellent accessory to have, whether you like to party or just relax outside. Two thumbs way up!

By Mike5Coat
GOgroove SonaWAVE Stereo Speaker is insane. It weighs just over a pound, yet has two powerful speakers and even is able to make it boom at the beach-it was charged straight out of the box, so that was the first place I went. All this on a rechargeable battery that lasts at least 4 hours near max (from what I've experienced).
The volume control is very smooth and the rest of the unit is super easy to use. Load up a few hundred songs on a flashdrive or memory card, and you can play/pause/skip/previous right next to the volume control. In addition to the awesome effect it simply has, the LEDs are a battery indicator, and will dim or slowly pulse when low.
One more awesome feature is it will charge your phone if you connect it via USB (however, because this is very hard on a small battery charging a bigger one [i.e. your phone's], this is better if the Sonawave is plugged in itself.)
I ended up finding this on eBay for $20 and free shipping from a very reputable seller, but $25 is great sale price, too.
BOTTOM LINE: BUY THIS THING! I have plenty of portable speaker systems already, but this easily trumps them all. I'm just blown away by it. Cheers.

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