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Gmail app update adds Mobile Signature, Vacation Responder and Scribbles feature

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 12:13 PM PST

Send scribbles with your Gmail app

Google has updated the Gmail app for iOS and added several new features.

  • Nested Label Improvements
  • (iOS 5 only) A new custom sound for sound notifications
  • Mobile Signature and Vacation Responder, accessible via the gear settings icon at the top of the menu view
  • Numerous bug fixes and UI improvements

Aside from the mobile signature, vacation responder and new custom sound for iOS 5 users, a notable new addition is the ability to create quick doodles to attach to your email. Using the Gmail app or Gmail for mobile, you can now open up a canvas and scribble whatever your heart desires. This basic drawing tool supports different colors, brush sizes, lines, erasers and spray paint. As for future updates, Google has stated that they’re working on banner notifications, multiple login support, and a “send-as” feature for users with multiple gmail accounts.

Gmail Google, Gmail, – Free



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Rockmate lets you and your bandmates jam on one iPad

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 09:53 AM PST

Not sure why we haven’t seen this sooner (or at least none that I’ve come across before), but Finger Labs has just released Rockmate, an app that allows up to 4 people compose, record and play songs on a single iPad.

Rockmate is a breakthrough music creation app. It turns your iPad into a complete music studio easy and super fun to use.
You can compose, record and play songs with up to 4 Rock players on one single iPad. Rockmate is easy to play with smart chords progressions, sounds great with separated guitar effects and in-house produced audio samples and is also fully customizable with multiple drums and keyboard styles.

Rockmate is ready to rock !
Your guitars are always well tuned, no need to carry your drum kit or to patch your keyboard. A smart metronome and a real-time looper will assist you in composing and recording your songs. Share your songs by email or iTunes sharing folders.

And by the looks of it, Rockmate doesn’t appear to be a gimmicky music app. Take a look at the video demo after this space.

Rockmate Fingerlab, Rockmate, – $0.99

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Apps Gone Free Roundup: Azkend, Advena and more

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 09:18 AM PST

Our Apps Gone Free Roundup today features a number of worthy additions to your app collection. Azkend (TMA Review), one of the more addictive and fun match 3 games on the iPhone, is now a Freebie. As you progress in story mode, you unlock 1 of 8 talismans, each with its own unique power up effect that changes the way the tiles are cleared off the board. If you enjoy puzzle games in the match 3 genre and haven’t tried Azkend yet, here’s your chance to do so. Also free is Gamevil’s ADVENA, a party based action RPG that lets you switch between 5 characters on the fly. For the complete roundup, check out the list after the gap.

And if you missed our post yesterday, SPY mouse and Evertales are still freebies as of writing.

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Act Of Fury: Kraine’s Revenge in Review – A Shooter With No Shooting?

Posted: 14 Dec 2011 07:13 AM PST

Judging by the iTunes description for Act of Fury I had a feeling it was going to be something different, and boy was I right.  It's a scrolling shooter.. kind of.  The thing is, while it looks the part and controls like one, you don't actually shoot anything.  Instead, you use the powers imbued in you by a failed experiment in order to destroy things that you get close to.  Between the unique game play mechanic, the variable upgrade system and the need to revisit old levels in order to progress further in the game, Act Of Fury takes scrolling shooters in a direction that I rather like.

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Snapheal arrives on Mac App Store

Posted: 13 Dec 2011 07:14 PM PST

Snapheal for the Mac was released on the Mac App Store earlier this morning. Brought to you by MacPhun, makers of the excellent iOS photo editing app FX Photo Studio (TMA Review), Snapheal lets you perform object removals and other complex touch ups without any prior knowledge of photoshop. It’s a matter of choosing areas you want to remove/touch up, hitting a button, and Snapheal’s algorithm does the rest. Here’s what it do:

  • Remove unwanted objects from the image
  • Make skin imperfections vanish
  • Erase unwanted text (watermarks, etc)
  • Dramatically enhance photos with clone & stamp tool
  • Lighten dark areas
  • Sharpen images
  • Add blur
  • Import pictures from Aperture and iPhoto
  • Adjust saturation, gamma, light levels, shadows and much more

Judging from the demo video, Snapheal does work “magic” and it truly makes removing objects from photos a painless process. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a whole lot for this promising photo app. Normally at $19.99, Snapheal is now on sale for only $9.99. Check out the videos and full app description after the break.

iTunes MacPhun, Snapheal - $9.99

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