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Fire and Dice by Sky Parlor Studios

Posted: 17 Feb 2012 01:20 PM PST

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Fire and Dice is a puzzle game of both chance and skill, that requires users to put out fires and rescue civilians using resources gathered every turn by rolling dice.

The objective is to put out as many fires as possible before the city is engulfed with flames, all while managing up to 3 trucks and rescuing civilians for extra die and keys to the city of Sparksville. There are 5 resources in the game; Fuel to move from one city block to another, Water to put out fires, Rescue Ladders to save citizens, Extra Trucks to help put out fires faster, and Helicopters to dump water on all fires at once.

► Full High Resolution Graphics
► Addictive Dice Roll Style Gameplay
► Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements
► OpenFeint Leaderboards and Achievements
► In-Game Tutorials
► Easy to Learn but Hard to Master
► UNIQUE and ORIGINAL Gameplay

☼ Collect three fire trucks as quickly as possible?
☼ Go straight for seven dice?
☼ Gratuitous use of the Helicopter?
☼ Save more citizens for bonus points?

Similar to Yahtzee, by Milton Bradley and Hasbro, the object of the game is to score the most points by strategically using your resources gained by rolling 4 (and up to 7) dice to make combinations that help out the town.

Developer Website:

18139 Fire and Dice 2 125x125 Fire and Dice by Sky Parlor Studios 18139 Fire and Dice 3 125x125 Fire and Dice by Sky Parlor Studios

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