Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noogra Nuts by Oren Bengigi

Posted: 25 Feb 2012 01:32 PM PST

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Noogra Nuts is a cool arcade game, were you control a cute little squirrel with a unique ability!
He can crack nuts using its head!

Control its movement by tilting the device and press anywhere on the screen to make him jump.

While playing the game, nuts will start falling from the sky. Each nut that the squirrel head-butts will start cracking and give you points. Once you crack a nut open, you can eat it and get more points.

The game has 3 playing modes:

● Classic – You have 120 seconds to eat as many nuts as you can, choose them wisely as some will give you more points and you cannot eat them all.

● Survival – Eat nuts and try to avoid the rocks. There is no time limit here, but you can die if you get hit 3 times. Watch out from the tumbleweed!

● Jungle – You have 120 seconds, but in the jungle you need to avoid eating rotten nuts and make sure to jump over the rolling stones, otherwise the squirrel will die!

Developer Website:

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